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Zamzam Mobile Application profitable and fast
way to transfer money abroad
from Russia to the CIS countries

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Защищено от мошенничества Fraud protected
Ways sending
and receiving translation
Transfer from card
on the map
Перевести с карты на карту
For those who value speed
Transfer from card
in cash
Перевести с карты в наличные
For those who are used to walking
to the office and trusts cash
Watch the video,
get to know us better

Forget about going to the departments! Zamzam mobile app will be your faithful friend in the world of finance. Using the application, at any moment you will be ready to send an international money transfer without commission to your relatives and friends to the countries of near and far abroad.

Zamzam applications

Sends international transfers with commission 0% at a favorable rate


Able to credit transfers to cards ELKART, UZCARD, Corti Milli

points of issue

You can receive cash transfers at 50,000 points of issue worldwide

and not only

Sends transfers to the CIS countries and other countries of the world

of languages

Application and support speaks 6 languages

Directions translations

Our team regularly works to expand the geography of translations. Soon we will add new translation directions

how send transfer across
Zamzam mobile app?
video instruction
Book a digital card
Zamzam brotherly

The goal of Zamzam is to build a responsive community in which you can always find support.
Digital card is the key to Zamzam fraternal community

Contactless payment for purchases using Apple Pay and Android Pay
Installment money
for CIS citizens at stake In 5 minutes
Transfers between Zamzam cards
No commission
Cashback at a gas station for taxi drivers
and auto Up to 10%
Payment for a patent in the Zamzam app
no commission
A digital card will be available in the Zamzam app soon.
Each booked card motivates our team to work even harder!
Mobile app
Zamzam, this

Transfer output
on the map
or in cash

and security

sending transfer
all over the world

24 hours
of users

Transfers without commission
at a favorable rate

Install the mobile application
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Why is Zamzam the best international money transfer system?

Making international transfers, you lose some of your money. The reason for this is the commission, which is present in many banks in the country. It is unlikely that you want to waste a good part of your funds. Especially if you come from another country to work and intend to send the earned money to your loved ones.

Zamzam solves this problem. Using the mobile application, you can make international money transfers online for 0%. Advantageously and quickly send money to the CIS countries and not only. The Zamzam team is actively expanding the geography of transfers so that soon your money will be anywhere in the world. Already today we have more than 50,000 cash points worldwide!

To use the international transfer system Zamzam, install the mobile application.